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Tuesday, 25. October 2005

the cry of the larger breasted woman

Originally posted by taminator

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recent updates
moving on I have succumbed
to the lure of Wordpress and have started a new...
by craniac (12/9/05 5:22 PM)
kill or cure According to
this blog entry the uninstaller that Sony has made available...
by craniac (11/16/05 11:44 AM)
sory seems to be the
hardest word In response to the Sony DRM fiasco, someone...
by craniac (11/16/05 10:49 AM)
a new internet Many years
ago I worked for a small software development company. Let's...
by craniac (11/7/05 10:03 AM)
a question of masks I
am quite comfortable with the idea of using bit masks...
by craniac (11/7/05 8:50 AM)
boycott sony! Dave Slusher over
on Evil Genius Chronicles is calling for a boycott of...
by craniac (11/4/05 11:06 AM)
car guards Here in South
Africa car theft is a big problem so every parking...
by craniac (11/4/05 9:47 AM)
pseudonym I just received a
spam e-mail from someone calling himself (or herself) Maltreatment U....
by craniac (11/2/05 1:39 PM)
the cry of the larger
breasted woman Originally posted by taminator
by craniac (10/25/05 8:59 AM)
young entrepreneur A friend sent
me this photo, which I thought was really funny.
by craniac (10/19/05 4:13 PM)

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